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Weight Management and Fitness Forum 27th Edition

Posted Oct 14 2008 4:02am

Welcome to the 27th edition of Weight Management and Fitness Forum. Thank you all for your participation in this forum. From those who submit articles to those who are our regular readers, it is you who make this forum possible. We hope you enjoy the selections and come back to Weight Master for our other great posts.


Beth Ziesenis presents Five lessons I’ve learned while running posted at Life on Avenue Z, saying, "A small business owner learns lessons while running."

dpatterson presents Changing Seasons Means Changing Plans posted at BLOG

Craig presents Getting started-Part One posted at AttacktheBar

Weight Ladder / Rich Leverage presents What Time of the Day is Best For Exercise? posted at Weight Ladder

General Health

Howling Mad Jay presents Forget Oktoberfest, embrace Septemberfest posted at The World's Greatest Blog

Joe Hayes presents Abdominal Hernia Symptoms & Treatment posted at Comments on: Abdominal Hernia Symptoms & Treatment, saying, "An abdominal hernia occurs when there is a tear or bulge in the inside layer of the abdominal wall. Surgery is the only treatment that will cure an abdominal hernia. It will not heal or "go away" on its own."

Dean Moyer presents Mysterious Morning Neck Pain posted at The Back Pain Blog, saying, "In this post we review the various ways to apply heat therapy for temporary relief of back and neck pain."


Trevor Watkinson presents 6 Benefits of a Salt Free Diet posted at Blog, saying, "Why I am switching to a salt free diet."

AndrewB presents 7 ‬Signs you are a Binge Eater‭ & ‬How to Stop Binge Eating posted at test, saying, "Can't control how much of a certain food you consume? Eat large amounts of food at a time? Eat until you are too full and your stomach hurts? These are all signs of binge eating. This article discusses how to stop binge eating."

Lazy Man and Health presents Post Workout Nutrition posted at Lazy Man and Health

Tomato Lady presents Homemade Artificial Sweetener from Stevia posted at Little House in the Suburbs

Lazy Man and Money presents Chewing the Fat posted at Lazy Man and Health

Weight Loss

Worlweller presents Weight Loss with Green Superfood posted at Green Super Food

brian park presents What is South Beach Diet posted at South Beach Diet, saying, "Just like millions of people in the world, you are probably finding ways to lose weight, searching for diets that would aid this cause knowing that only the right diet would help you lose weight. However, what is so special about the South Beach Diet?"

Super Saver presents Miraculous Weight Loss posted at My Wealth Builder

Alexandra presents Introductions posted at Fat Butt Flying, saying, "My blog deals with the topic of air travel while being overweight. It includes current events in the airline industry, diet and exercise tips, and my presonal progress in obtaining a smaller butt. I also encourage open and polite discussion on the subject of weight hate as I like to call it."

NickIrons presents Weight Loss — 7 Easy Ways To Cut 250 Calories posted at Get Results! Fitness Blog, saying, "Dropping as little as 250 calories each day can result in almost 30 pounds shed over 12 short months."

That concludes this edition. Look for our next edition to be posted here at Weight Master on November 2nd. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Weight Management and Fitness Forum using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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