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Weight Management and Fitness Forum 19th Edition

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:17pm

Welcome to the nineteenth edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum . We hope you enjoy the selection. We appreciate your participation and hope you come back for our next edition or our original content on Weight Mster .


Nancy Hayssen presents The Flat Ab Gym Rant! posted at "Sexy at ANY Size!"

Steward presents Improve Fitness With A GPS Tracking Watch posted at GPS Tracking Watches , saying, "An article about how a GPS watch can add both useful information and an element of fun to outdoor workouts."

Keith Wick presents Sugar Lover OR Sugar Blues posted at Weith Kick

Weight Ladder / Rich Leverage presents 4 Excuses to Not Exercise and 4 Ways to Change That posted at Weight Ladder , saying, "Don't have time? It's too hard? The gym is too far? Stop whining and start doing something your body will love you for."

nickel presents The Parallels Between Fitness and Finance posted at

General Health

Jocelyn @ A Pondering Heart presents No More Dr. Pepper, Please! posted at A Pondering Heart

Dean Moyer presents Microdiscectomy and Herniated Discs posted at The Back Pain Blog , saying, "Herniated discs seldom require surgery. More often than not, waiting and continuing with physical therapy is the best choice."

Save Money presents How to Lighten Dark Underarms posted at My Beauty And Fashion

Jose DeJesus MD presents posted at Physician Entrepreneur , saying, "Here Dr. DeJesus MD offers a 4-point program to help your energy stay high in the afternoon when most people feel sluggish."

Chris Truman presents Motivations for Health and Fitness You Are Living posted at You Are Living , saying, "Simple tips can drastically change your health for the better!"

Anand presents How to Build a Healthy Lifestyle posted at Anand Dhillon . com , saying, "Step-by-step how to go from a sedentary lifestyle to an active, healthy lifestyle. Includes health tips about diet, nutrition, exercise, breathin, making the transition, measuring progress and avoiding the pitfalls."

Fiona King presents Spiritual Healing: 50+ Podcasts to Find Wellness Within posted at

Educatorblog presents Eduhacks for Your Health posted at An (aspiring) Educator's Blog , saying, "An educator presents weight loss tips for people on the go."


ChristineMM presents The Hidden Dangers of Soy: Book Review by ChristineMM posted at The Thinking Mother , saying, "Although some tout soy as a health food or use it as a lower carlorie and low fat protein source, ChristineMM shares a book review on a new book that talks about soy being bad for our health: The Hidden Dangers of Soy by Dianne Gregg."

J.F. presents Ever Consider Dr. McDougall's Soups? posted at vegoftheweek

Vera & Serge presents Simple, Healthy Stir-Fry posted at Vegetarian Frugal Housewife , saying, "Having lost 40 pounds in six-months on a vegetarian diet, I am now providing healthy recipes for others to try out."

Stephanie presents The Truth About Carbs posted at Fitness and Weight Loss

Weight Loss

SeanBissell presents 10 “Healthy” Foods That Create Fat – Avoid Them And Lose Weight Fast posted at Yummy Fitness Fitness For Fun People

Steve M presents You already own the greatest weightloss tool posted at Weight Loss Weapons , saying, "You don't need to spend a lot of money on expensive diets, when you already own the greatest weight loss tool."

Bob Morgan presents Acupuncture for Weight Loss: Keeping You Healthy Acupuncture For Pain, Weight Loss, Depression, Cancer, Allergy and Infertility posted at Acupuncture For Pain, Weight Loss, Depression, Cancer, Allergy and Infertility .

markcoruk presents Do Slimming Pills Help To Lose Weight posted at Mark Corner

Ang Joann presents Effective & Healthy Weight Loss Techniques posted at Personal Growth, How-To and Other Info , saying, "Weight loss tips that are effective and keep you healthy."

That concludes this edition. Look for our next edition to be posted here at Weight Master on June 29th. Submit your blog article to the next edition of weight management and fitness forum using our carnival submission form . Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page .

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