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Weight Management After Weight Loss

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

The only real weight loss success story is permanent weight loss.


Because if you lose weight and you can't keep it off, you are right back where you started from. Sometimes, if you lose weight and can't keep it off, you might even find ways to gain weight, more weight than you started with.

You cannot claim to be a weight loss success story until you are able to maintain your weight loss. Even if you lose 20, 50, 75 pounds, you have failed if you cannot keep the weight off. That's why the maintenance phase is so hugely important.

Like losing weight, weight maintenance presents its own difficulties. It's difficult in these ways: During the dieting phase, things are happening. You have a specific food plan to follow. The diet food plan gives you an underlying set of rules. And, you are losing weight. Losing weight is a reinforcement and a reward. Every pound lost is somewhat of a triumph.

In the maintenance phase, the action and the excitement of the weight loss challenge die down. You are left more to your own devices. You might not know how to handle that.

Here's a suggestion. Read everything you can find about weight loss maintenance. Get tips. Get other women's advice, women who have done it successfully. Because truly, the only weight loss success story is permanent weight loss.

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