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Weight Loss

Posted Jul 31 2008 10:08am 8 Comments
I have seen no change in my weight. I have been careful about my diet and I have also been excersing regularly.
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You've probably lost inches. If you didn't measure when you started trying to lose weight then try judging by you clothes. Also make sure you're getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water. That can affect your weight loss as well.

I though the same. I have not lost inches either. I try and drink water and also I get my 8 hr sleep.

Hi Krupali, How long have you been focused on your weight and exercise? Sometimes it takes awhile. Honestly, by your avatar, you look small so it also depends on how much you want to lose. It is all proportional. The closer you are to your idea weight, it comes off slower.

Continue to do what you're doing as it sounds as if you have excellent healthy habits.


I think it just takes time, I don't think you can always expect instant results, how long have you been dieting?  what are you doing to help exercise, eating better?

I find that I don't lose weight easily either, I eat healthily and I do exercise a couple of times a week but I think I must have a really slow metabolism or something, I was wondering whether I should go to the doctor but don't want to appear a hyprocondreact, so a friend recommended a diet pill to help me lose those extra few pounds and also been going for a jog.  I feel better in myself that I am trying all angles.  

What else have you tried to lose weight?

Hang in there, weight loss isn't linear.  You are doing the right things for your body, and eventually the scale will follow.

I lost 13 lbs in only two weeks by obeying this one easy rule

As painful as it can be to hear, weight loss does take time.  Many weight loss experts may call this a plateau at which you are very close to your goal and find it difficult to see the last few changes you would like to see in your body.  Keep to what you are already doing and within healthy ranges consider what you can do to increase the intensity of your workout perhaps with circuit training or strength training to increase your metabolism.  Also enough rest, water, and stress management are important as well.  Don't worry about your progress, plan your efforts, stick to you goals, but relax and enjoy life along the way.  Best wishes

Weight loss requires time, discipline and the right attitude to work.  I tried many dfferent diets, but finally found one which worked on this website

It is a simple program that if you stick to  you actually do lose weight, and keep it off. 

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