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Weight-loss with Pre-Diabetes

Posted by Christin S. Facebook


I am 29 and was diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes in June 2010. Does not seem to be running in my family but is most likely due to the 35 lbs weight-gain (5ft 5.5in. from 140 to 175lbs) over the last 6 years (moved to States, got married, started a sedentary desk-job after grad school). Doctor's only recommendation at that point was to lose ~10% of body weight, increase activity, and maintain a healthy diet, which I have done and am loosing ~1 lbs/week (162 lbs today).\

However, I am having a hard time finding low calorie (doctor recommended 1600 cal/day), low GI foods and snacks in particular that will fit the macro-nutrient profile selected for me (55% carbs, 20% protein, 25% total fat). Also am not sure about the timing of proteins and carbs, in terms of time of day, prior to activity for energy / post activity for muscle rebuilt, etc. any tips?

I am using the body-bugg provided by my gym/trainer to track progress, calories burned, and consumed and am noticing that I reach my calorie goal too early in the day and still find myself craving sweets/carbs. Trying to eat 200-300 cal 5-6 times a day to keep my blood sugars stable.

Appreciate any recommendations/ideas/tips!

thx, Christin

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The most important thing to focus on with pre-diabetes and wanting to lose weight is to get a healthy diet. Sometimes those protein/carb/fat recomendations are so out of wack...there really is no consensus out there of the optimum % of what certain times you should eat what. It can make you go crazy!

The simplest thing you can focus on for losing weight is eating healthier by eating more whole foods such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and less processed foods. Processed foods tend to be high in calories and low in nutrients. Start thinking of eating foods that are high in nutrients. Keep it simple. I feel if you focus on the nutrient quality of your food, youll find yourself fitting into the daily calories better and easier and youll crave sweets less. My favorite thing right now are smoothies, they are packed with nutrients and they calm that sweet craving! 

What are you currently doing for exercise?

Hi Amber!

 Thanks so much for your response!

 I agree with your recommendation of focusing on the nutritional quality of foods and the healthy diet.  I am currently consuming mostly whole grains, oranges, bananas, nuts, seeds (and their butters), smoothies with spinach, unsweetened almond milk, fruit, chia seeds (I read their can be beneficial for pre-diabetes patients), etc. I am using agave syrup as a sweetener, switched to low fat diary (using these 50cal cheddar cheese squares as snacks), non-fat greek yogurt, steel cut oats with cranberries and walnuts for breakfast, trying to mostly choose low GI foods in general, etc. 

For exercise I am going to the gym about 4-6 times per week, going to spinning and weight lifting classes and switching off with light cardio or swimming on the off-class days.

I have been eating some sort of protein/carb snack ~2-3 hours prior to exercise and immediately after within 15-30 min I'm trying to have a similar snack as well.

However, I have been having problems sticking to the 1600 cal a day, especially on days when I am not exercising I find myself eating instead. I seem to hungry, even though I cannot hear my stomach rumble yet. Times like that my discipline evaporates and I grab granula bars/sweets/cookies/etc. I try to have oranges and cucmbers cut up and ready to be snacked on but maybe I am missing the protein component that will keep me satisfied longer. Just heard about "the simply bar"  and am wondering if that sort of snack would  be better as it seems more balanced than the regular granular or lara bar.

Tricking yourself seems to be my challange, and by eating every 2-3 hours I am usually keeping myself from starving but am still looking for smarter ways to incorporate healthy snacks. Especially for on the go.


Thanks much,


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