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Weight Loss With Green Tea Extract

Posted Nov 19 2008 1:01am

Green tea weight loss has become a hot topic in the weight loss arena. Green tea is a type of asian tea that undergoes relatively minimal processing before being used to make the hot drink. The lack of processing means it tends to retain its original color rather than the dark tea varieties we are more familiar with in the west. Green tea is believed to have several health benefits, with studies showing drinkers of green tea have a lower incidence of diseases like heart disease and cancer in addition to enjoying the well known weight loss benefits.

So why is it so good for us? Green tea has been known to help burn fat in us humans and there are animal studies which have shown it to be beneficial in improving insulin sensitivity and reducing obesity. A study by a UK university showed that fat burning was improved noticeably after taking a green tea extract so obviously it has sparked interest in weight loss circles.

Over the centuries, green tea has been used as a stimulant, a digestive aid and for the regulation of body temperature and blood sugar. Tea has been believed to be beneficial to general health and well being and as a promoter of healing after many diseases. Some studies suggest this marvelous drink can even help with diseases such as Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis and with cholesterol control though for now these claims are as yet unproven.

Why does green tea help us lose weight? It stimulates us to burn extra calories through thermogenesis, the process by which living things produce heat. Simply put, it helps to increase metabolism and therefore our core temperature. This production of heat burns more calories than we otherwise would have done. Some researchers claim that drinking a few cups of green tea daily can burn an extra seventy to eighty calories which might seem insignificant but this may be all the difference to many people struggling with weight control.

The idea of drinking lots of green tea may not be appealing but fortunately there is an alternative, green tea extract which can be taken in capsule form. Extract of green tea can be equivalent to several cups in one dose. Many people have reported impressive results with this form of green tea weight loss.

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