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Weight Loss Water Pills – The Easy Weight Loss Solution? Interesting Info to Bear in Mind

Posted Jun 13 2009 10:39pm

It is a fact that water pills can cause weight loss, but the real truth is that there is no such thing as “weight loss water pills”. Why? Because, even if this were a viable method for losing weight, taking water pills to influence weight loss could be dangerous to your health.

Water pills, also called diuretics, are prescribed to people who are retaining an excess of water. These pills have the capacity to lower blood pressure, help people who suffer from edema, and relieve premenstrual or menstrual, pain.

There are 3 kinds of water pills:

1. Loop diuretics-diuretics that act on the ascending loop of Henle in the kidney-tell the body to stop absorbing too much sodium.

2. Thiazides-a class of diuretics-perform similarly, while coercing the body to eliminate large amounts of water, which lowers the body’s potassium stores to dangerously low levels.

3. There is a third kind of water pill as well, that combines these two pills in various degrees.

Obviously, retaining large amounts of water can equal weighing a little more. If you take water pills, you’re going to lose that extra water weight as your body returns to a regular water balance. But if you want to lose weight and you’re in good health, water pills can do horrible damage to your system, including:

• Dramatically lower your blood pressure
• Severe electrolyte imbalance
• Lasting kidney damage

It’s unfortunate, but many dieters-desperate for a quick fix, or a diet “jump start”-have resorted to taking water pills. What they don’t realize is that the sudden dip in the scale is only temporary, and that that weight will come roaring back once you’ve stopped taking the water pills. Even for those with legitimate medical problems, water pills are only a short-term solution.

Is endangering your long-term health and well being worth losing a couple of pesky pounds today?

If you really want it bad enough, wouldn’t the better choice be to eat less, eat healthier, and get outside and do some light cardio?

If you came to this article because you wanted to know if weight loss water pills were an option, then that’s probably not what you wanted to hear.

But it’s the truth. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is the old-fashioned, healthy way of balancing your diet and exercising regularly.

The bottom line is if you’re looking for a quick fix, you’re not going to find a good answer in water pills; if you quick and easy results, you need to take a moment and ask yourself why.

• Do you feel unmotivated to go on a “real” diet?
• Are you nervous about an event that’s crept up on you-like a wedding or a school reunion-and you’re worried you won’t look your best?
• Are you feeling desperate because you’ve tried every diet out there, but nothing has worked?

If these sound familiar to you, you’re not alone. Everyone waits until the last moment, and then tries the most radical diet fads, and that is unsustainable.

Get out a calendar and choose a date in the future. It could be your next birthday, a loved one’s wedding, a class reunion, or even a planned vacation to the beach next summer-as long as it is something that you really want to look fantastic for.

Now is the time to get started. By starting a healthy diet and a doable exercise regimen now, it’s going to be a lot to lose the excess weight. Doesn’t that sound better than searching the Internet for weight loss water pills-a method that could endanger your life?

What Makes A Healthy Diet? This is the question of the ages.

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