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Weight Loss Tips With Surrey Personal Trainer Mark Raynsford Part 2

Posted Nov 28 2010 1:14am

Yesterday I featured part 1 in my hotseat q n a session with Surrey Personal Trainer Mark Raynsford and I promised part 2 today.

So without further ado, let’s get into it!

DPM: What’s your favourite exercise to give to clients to make sure they’re getting an awesome workout that gets results?

MR: I don’t think I have one specific exercise, but I do like to keep them moving. I’ll often pick 5-6 exercises, alternating between upper body and lower body exercises. Perform 12-15 reps of each exercise and move straight to the next. Have a 30-60sec rest at the end of the round, and look to perform 4-5 rounds.

You can time yourself doing each round, so you have something to beat next time. I do like using the TRX trainer as it’s very versatile and you can make exercises easier or harder very simply.

DPM: If you could choose only one thing what’s your favourite piece of workout equipment?

MR: OK, if I was in the gym, I’d combine bodyweight exercises with the high/low adjustable cable machine, because with various attachments (that’s still 1 piece of equipment right?!!) you can work every movement.

If I was at home, I’d use bodyweight and the TRX trainer. I also like using medicine balls for a variety of exercises – in fact if you got 2 different weights, and the med balls with double handles you can replicated most cable based exercises at home.

DPM: What would you say to people who constantly say they’re too busy to exercise?

MR: Rubbish?!! OK, I train some guys who get up at 5am, travel into London, come home at 7.30pm, say good night to the kids, and then train with me at 8.30pm. That’s pretty hardcore I’d say?

I’ll often tell those that are business-minded to treat workouts with the same level of focus and priority as their work, or even 80% of that, and they’ll succeed.

Yes people have busy lives, but even performing 2 Tabata workouts that take 4 mins each a day will help.

Everyone can find 8 mins a day! Even if you’re watching TV in an evening, get up in the adverts, perform pressups til the programme starts, dips at the next break, lunges while they kettle is boiling – I have one client who performs a wall squat while cleaning her teeth in the morning!!!!

Sounds drastic, but if you’re seriously to busy, you have to find the time! Most people always find the time to watch their favourite TV programmes……enough said!!

Q: On a lighter note, who would you like to sit down and have dinner with either dead or alive. But you can only choose 3 people. And why?

A: Maybe the toughest question, I don’t really have any “idols” as such, but I’d like to talk to and see what makes them tick……

1) Lance Armstrong – lot’s of people are split on this guy, but he had dedication, the genes for a REAL sporting effort, and commitment to come back from cancer, to get out training when the weather sucked and a winning mentality.

2) Bob Marley – a big fan of Bob, his music and views, could be interesting….

3) David Beckham – I’m not a HUGE Beckham fan, but every interview I’ve seen with him, he does seem to be a very down to earth, family man, but on a football pitch he’s focussed and dedicated to the core. I think he would be a great “chatting” companion, and would be very open!

Mark Raynsford is a successful Fat Loss Personal Trainer, who also runs a number of Bootcamps in Surrey, England. With regular articles in Men’s Health, GQ and Runners World magazine it show’s his opinions and comments are well respected! Follow his blog with weekly articles to help you get results.

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