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Weight Loss Tips: Is Losing Fat Fast or Slow Better?

Posted Jun 26 2009 6:49pm
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I like to think of the story of the good old kids fable “The Hare & The Tortoise” when I think of someone who is on a mission for weight loss success.

I know that once you’ve committed to losing body fat and weight you just want it gone. And you want it gone yesterday.

I’ve trained enough people to know this and I know from personal experience when I’ve been in the same position after spending 3-4 months at a time working in the States where I put on 10kg (22 pounds) in 3mths you just want it gone and to tell you the truth you’re not that patient and just want to see that weight loss success immediately.

But the age old debate of is it better to get rid of it fast like a hare or slow and steady like a turtle always arises.


What happened in that old fairytale from childhood?

<b>Who's Your Money On?</b>

Who's Your Money On?

As you may recall, the tortoise won of course.

Well that’s what achieving fat loss is like.

If you lose weight or body fat too fast your skin doesn’t have time to react. End result is you’re going to look like an elephant with lose saggy skin everywhere.

Not a pretty picture.

To prove the point you need to read this article on why you don’t want to be like those people on The Biggest Loser.

Not exactly the attractive look that we’re all after right?

Your aim should be to keep it simple and realistic - 1/2 to 1kg a week (2kg max if you have a lot to lose) is definitely sustainable for most people. Just basically double that for the conversion to pounds.

It sure isn’t exciting but unfortunately you need to take it slow otherwise a couple of things are going to happen:

* You’re going to put it all back on once you start eating real food if you take diet shakes and other dodgy meal replacement fads.

* Your skin is going to need cosmetic surgery.

Be patient and think of this mission as the Tortoise v the Hare.

The hare is The Biggest Loser.

We are the tortoise.

We win in the end.

Life can sometimes imitate those old fairytales.

I guess fat loss is a little like Santa Claus…

You’ve just gotta believe.

What’s YOUR opinion on fat loss - am I outdated or not? I know some programs promote fast weight loss and the like. I’m talking about a lifestyle commitment and decision here.

It has to be a long journey that you’re in for.


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