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Weight Loss Tip About Using Your Insight

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

So - Do you have insight with regard to your eating and your weight? Personal insight comes by increasing your awareness about how you operate in your world.

Insight is transforming. Once you get an inkling about why you may be doing something, it will very often lead to a deeper understanding. This understanding involves discovering why you may be clinging to an unwanted habit or behavior, such as overeating. Then you are on the road to letting go of it.

Insight into a weight problem comes from stepping back to think about what your way of eating means to you. For example, pay attention to what you may be avoiding by eating. See if there are conflicts, worries, fears, etc. that are hidden by your overeating and your weight problem.

If you hang around in this area of thinking, insight will come.

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