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Weight loss success spoiled by negative thinking

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:56am

Negative beliefs you have about yourself can undermine your efforts at losing weight. For example, past failures may be lodged in your memory and produce underlying obstacle thoughts like:

  • I just can't lose weight.
  • I'm a diet failure.
  • What's the use, I'll only gain it back.
  • I don't have what it takes to stick to it.

See if you can dig up one negative thought you harbor about you and weight loss. then talk to yourself.


  • Do I have irrefutable evidence that this is so?
  • Even though I've failed before, does that mean I'll always fail?
  • Even though I've made mistakes on diets, isn't it possible to correct mistakes?
  • Is this negative thing I say about myself an exaggeration?
  • Is it written in stone?

Through careful consideration and some imagination, you can alter self-defeating beliefs. Dreaming a little about what you might do differently can free you.

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