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Weight Loss Success Can Come From Failure

Posted Oct 08 2010 2:49am

So what does it take to maintain your weight loss when you’ve failed and failed at it. You will most likely have to start by taking a hard look at your failure, feel all the associated feelings, let your thoughts come as they may, and by doing this, make a thorough investigation.

A case in point: A young woman, despite her age, had dieted repeatedly over the course of her life, and she never was able to keep the weight off. She built a lot of her self on false hope. She had always taken a can-do attitude, and this is what she thoroughly believed in.

Not feeling capable was a shattering experience for her. Yet she didn’t appear to others to be shattered, and she didn’t see herself as shattered.  

Eventually, with repeated failure, she came to see that she was more shattered than she wanted to acknowledge. Her can-do attitude had fallen away. (It was doing her no good anyway.)

She began to work on the issue of feeling a failure, and it was turning up a lot of pain that she had buried. With better resolution of this life-long emotional problem she was becoming more and more capable of sustaining her effort to maintain her weight loss.



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