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Weight Loss Strategies for What Causes Procrastination

Posted Sep 23 2013 5:00am
by Maria's Last Diet

There are some very practical strategies you can use to beat or at least make a dent in your procrastination. The treatment, however, has to match the diagnosis. So what you choose as a strategy should fit with what causes you to procrastinate.

One way to stop the kind of procrastination that protects against failing or not doing well is to develop the skills you need so you won’t worry about failing, procrastinate, and put off trying. For losing weight the skill that needs developing could be “doing without”. When you go about losing weight, you have to do without the kind of weight gaining food you are used to eating. “Doing without” is indeed a skill.

You might not have thought of “doing without” as a skill. But it is a skill. What about doing without immediate reward whenever you worked at a long-term goal? There are probably lots of times in your life when you did this. In all instance of doing without immediate reward in deference to accomplishing a long-term goal you had to build the skill of doing without in situation after situation over time. For example, you had to build the stamina for enduring, build a new appreciation for sub-goals, and build changes to your outlook and expectations.

So take heart if you find you’re procrastinating rather than doing what you need to do to lose your unwanted weight. Discover what is causing you to procrastinate and then see what a good strategy would be to put an end to procrastinating.


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