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Weight-Loss Statistics Don’t Lie, But They Don't Tell All

Posted Apr 03 2013 7:58am

Did you know that between 2003 and 2008 64% of adults in the United States wanted to lose weight, and that 73% of them were women? Of the 64% of the adults who wanted to lose weight, 48% used some form of weight control and 37% tried losing weight.

Perceiving yourself as overweight was the most important indicator of the desire to weigh less and to practice weight control. Seventy-three percent of the women engaged in at least one activity to manage their weight. Thirty-nine percent of the women undertook both dieting and physical activity.

Were you one of these women? How did you fare? Did you have successful weight loss, successful permanent weight loss? If you didn’t, why not add weight-loss psychology to the formula  DIET + EXERCISE = WEIGHT LOSS. It goes like this: DIET + EXERCISE + PSYCHOLOGY = WEIGHT LOSS.

For more on using psychology to lose weight, please go to the White Paper at the top left-hand column of this blog at


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