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Weight loss solution for your weight loss plateau

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:56am

Losing weight permanently never lacks drama. Take Michelle, for instance, a forty-five year old mother of two - Jamie 17, Max 15. She reached her goal weight when she was forty-three, and hasn't looked back. It was an offbeat diet she went on, quirky, not your usual.

There were big highs, such as the first 10 lbs. There were big lows, such as the month-and-a-half-long plateau during which the scale did not budge. She says it drove her nuts. She was true to her fresh fruit, cheese, raw veggies, chicken and fish eating regimen. Not only that, she enjoyed it.

But for all of April and half of May, she stayed at one weight, going down 1/4 lb or up 1/4 lb on certain days, but then settling on the forever number of 145. She was stuck.

Now, maybe this was coincidence, maybe not. During the plateau, she came across an article she had saved. The woman who wrote it was spiritual in tone, and the message was this, "You won't lose the weight until you are ready to let go of it." As before, when she first read it, it struck Michelle as true. So she tried to think about whether or not she was ready to let go of the rest of the weight - 20 more lbs or so.

In some ways, she felt not all that ready. Maybe she was slightly afraid. Without the weight what excuse would she have for anything? Without the weight, would she feel too small and insignificant?

Many thoughts came and went, and as they did, slowly but surely, the weight started its downward trend again.

It wasn't magic, but it felt like magic.

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