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Weight Loss Secrets, Weight Loss Lies, And Secret Eating

Posted Aug 30 2013 5:00am

“I haven’t lost any weight,” said Darcy. “I don’t know what’s the matter.”

What Darcy didn’t tell Melissa was that after staying on a diet at mealtime, in between meals and before going to sleep she secretly snacked on pieces of cookies, slices of dried fruit, and whatever else she could find .

As for Emily, her doctor strongly advised her to lose some weight because she was borderline diabetic. Emily is one of these women who eats off their childrens’ plates. No one in the family is the wiser because Emily is the one who does the dishes after the rest of the family clears out.

Then there’s Avery. Avery gets up at night after everyone in the family is asleep and goes to check the leftovers in the refrigerator. She is especially quiet and careful so her secret will be safe. Avery would feel terribly embarrassed if her husband or teenage daughters found her eating like this.

Abby who, on most days of her life can be found dieting, would vehemently deny that she cheats on a diet. No one, not her friends or family, even suspects that Abby isn’t true to her diet. They’ve all begun to think, though, that in Abby’s case diets don’t work. What they are not privy to is Abby’s big lie—that diet cheats are Abby’s way of staying on her diet day-in and day-out.

Do all women who are trying to lose some weight harbor weight loss secrets and weight loss lies and indulge in secret eating? Do you do this? Do you know someone who does?


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