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Weight Loss Secret; Green Tea

Posted Oct 05 2011 7:58pm

green tea

Green tea just may slow down those extra pounds from piling on

We have all heard of green tea and have seen it sold in various forms from supplements to beverages to dried leaves but no matter how it comes it is loaded with antioxidants.

Now Penn State University researches note green tea just may actually stop those extra pounds from piling on by limiting how much body fat is absorbed into the body. The study appears in the journal Obesity.

Researchers had found a compound in that herbal beverage had slowed down weight gain in mice that were already obese at the beginning of the study.

Researchers had fed two groups of mice a high fat diet. The mice that also had been fed ECGC (Epigallocatechin-3-gallate) a compound which is found in most green tea had gained weight at a rate of 45% slower than in comparison to the other mice that did not receive the compound.

Also note in addition to decreased weight gain, the mice that had been fed green tea supplements had shown almost a 30% increase of fecal lipids this had suggested that the ECGC was limiting the amount of fat absorbed.

Dr. Joshua Lambert, PhD, assistant professor of Food Science at the university and author of study state that there seems to be two sides to this. One that the ECGC decreases the ability to absorb fat and secondly, it enhances the ability of using fat.

It was further noted that the green tea does not suppress appetite.  Both groups of mice had the same high fat foods and could eat at any time. As Dr. Lambert puts it the mice basically were being fed a milkshake but with one group having milk shake with green tea.

Dr. Lambert does mention a person would need to consume ten cups of tea each day to match the ECGC amounts in the study. Nevertheless, he does mention that there have been studies recently showing that just a few cups of green tea may aide in weight control.

In closing Dr. Lambert notes most people when they reach middle age notice a tummy bulge then decide to eat less, exercise and take green tea.

Green tea has been largely studied in animals, people and laboratory experiments. Clinical studies have suggested that green tea just may boost metabolism and help burn fat.

Just what is it about green tea and weight loss? Some researchers believe that polyphenols in the green tea and especially the catechins are what is responsible for the fat burning results.

Diet and exercise are still needed for proper weight loss and speak to your primary care practitioner before making any dietary changes. Green Tea supplements are a much safer alternative to weight loss as compared to many stimulant containing choices.

Due to the fact of green tea having diuretic properties it is recommended to increase your water intake. An increase in urine may also be noticed. This is just the green tea supplements helping your body to flush out toxins and water weight. This should not be in excess.

Follow directions on manufactures package.

Take with meals and do not take within a few hours of bedtime due to the fact it could cause restlessness.

If you are pregnant or nursing do not take this supplement.

If you have a history of liver, kidney or stomach problems you should limit the consumption and check with your practitioner before using.

Every so often take a break from the supplements. This will decrease the chance of caffeine dependency and flush your system.

You still need to remain active and have a healthy diet.

Green tea has a host of benefits besides weight loss these include cancer prevention, lowers cholesterol and fights bacteria and viruses.

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