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Weight-loss Resolutions Makeover

Posted Dec 31 2009 6:38am

new-years-resolutions-listIn my line of work, this time of year can be a tricky one.

Why?  Because I’m just not a fan of  New Year’s Resolutions, especially those that involve weight-loss.  And statistics show that more often than not, these Resolutions just don’t work.

Heck, even Oprah didn’t keep her 2009 Resolutions!

In the January 2010 issue of “O Magazine” Oprah says:

“All the things I vowed to do this time last year, I didn’t. I didn’t give myself more balance or more time. I didn’t work out daily. I failed. So 2010 is a start-over, for sure.”

Remember in January of 2009 Oprah had this BIG kick-off  week with her Best Life Series?  I mean, this is a woman who has TEAMS (with an “S”) of people to help her.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Oprah, but it just goes to show that we’re all human and even the best of intentions don’t always go as planned.  And as a general rule, New Years Resolutions just don’t work — at least in the long run.

Now before you get angry at me — think about it.  Can you even remember what your Resolution was last year? (Okay, I’m guessing for a lot of you it was weight-loss).  But how about the year before that?  Even if you can remember what it was, were you able to reach your goal AND make it a part of your daily life — and still incorporate it today?  If you did, than hats off to  you!

But if you’re in the majority, chances are your New Year’s Resolution just didn’t stick.  Sure you had very good intentions, and probably even did quite well for a few weeks.  You were excited, revved up, and ready to make THIS year your year.  But usually by Valentine’s Day, you had thrown in the towel and ended up sitting eating a box of chocolates (okay, maybe the chocolates part is ME).

Though I’m not big on Resolutions, I realize this is a time of year when many people resolve to start (or maintain) a healthy lifestyle.  And that’s what should be the goal — having a healthy lifestyle.  Not seeing a certain number on a scale.  Or losing X number of pounds.  Or going on a “diet.”

Make this year the year you life a healthy lifestyle.  And a healthy lifestyle is a journey, not a destination.

So if you are one of the millions of people who want to lose weight in the New Year — before you jump right in with a food plan and a list of what to eat and what NOT to eat, I ask you to stop for a moment and forget about the food.  That’s right.  Forget about the food.  Just bear with me.

Instead, first I’d like to you ask yourself:  “What is the LIFE I want to live?”

Because if you’re not fulfilled with your life, then no diet plan or weight loss is going to make things better. You can eat all the salmon, broccoli and brown rice you want but it won’t bring you fulfillment.   Sure, it might get you into a smaller size jeans and yes those foods are healthy.  But if you’re not fulfilled with your life, then losing weight won’t change that.

Now ask yourself: “What am I looking for that I believe losing weight will bring me?”

I can tell you from personal experience, that losing weight will NOT make you happy, bring you riches (okay, unless you write a best-selling book about it!) nor bring you the man of your dreams, or any other false promises we’ve been sold.

But if you think that once you lose weight everything in your life will be better (things like your job, your relationships, your marriage, and your self-esteem) then you’re in for a big surprise.

Losing weight is not about the food.  Its about living the life you want to live.  And being healthy should be a PART of that, and not controlling it.

Weight-loss is simply a step in the process — of  becoming more of who you are, who you want to be, getting what you want out of life, and being healthy on the outside AND on the inside.

So before you go around thinking you can change what you eat and add in hours of exercise once the calendar says January 1, think about what is the LIFE you want to live?  Once you know that, then you can start taking small positive steps to create and live that life.  And if it includes eating healthier foods & getting more exercise that’s great!

But that should not be the goal.  The goal is living the healthy life YOU want — and deserve.

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