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Weight Loss Psychology: What Makes It Difficult to Lose Weight

Posted Jul 30 2013 5:00am

Changing your pattern of eating is like entering a brand new environment. Your old eating pattern was the familiar environment. You moved around easily in this old, familiar environment. Now, in the new environment where you are trying to lose your unwanted weight, you move around clumsily, stumbling here and there trying to find the same old stability and ease of movement you had before you decided to change your eating pattern.

You will probably find that at first you have very little flexibility. To get your feet solidly on the ground, you most likely will limit your options so that you feel safe and secure in your new eating world. It is only after you establish a source of safety that you will be able to think and act more flexibly.

One of signs that you’re able to be more flexible is that you will take on multiple goals, some having to do with reducing your weight and others having to do with the other parts of your life that you’ve been neglecting in favor of focusing on changing your eating behavior. Another sign of surefootedness and increased flexibility is that you are not so dead set on there being just one way to address issues that arise during the weight loss process. You now see there are many possibilities and you’ve even tried a lot of them out.

So don’t be frightened by how cautiously and rigidly you first tread in your new eating environment. It’s to be expected. Feet wet and feet set, safe and secure, first. After this will come flexibility and openness to multiple possibilities; and you will realize you’ve gotten comfortable in your new familiar environment.


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