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Weight Loss Psychology Says Use What Makes You Different, and Long Term Weight Loss Will Be Yours

Posted Feb 13 2011 7:20am

People differ in the way they approach and cope with challenges in life, and this includes the challenge of losing excess weight. Not everyone brings the same effort, skill-set, confidence, endurance, acceptance of mistakes, and power of recovery.  Not everyone brings the same degree of commitment.

What do such individual differences mean for losing unwanted weight?

In the best case  Successful weight loss can still be accomplished despite the fact that you don’t have all that the next person has. If your self-confidence, for example, is lower than the next person, you still might bring great endurance and acceptance of mistakes to the weight-loss process.

In the worst case  Some people will have plenty of everything, and others won’t have enough of anything, and they cannot take the essential steps to losing weight, at least not this time around. Or you might not have what you need. You could be very low on motivation, for example, and having such low motivation affects all your functioning. Someone else’s low motivation might not be so affecting, because she can still draw on her skills or confidence, or some other ability to make up for her low motivation.

The moral of the individual differences story is, when you want to lose weight, pay attention to your own strengths and weaknesses. Use what you can. Before you even start a diet, for example, make sure you don’t lose sight of who you are and what you as an individual bring to the weight-loss table.  


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