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Weight-Loss Psychology Helps You Fix Why You Were Unable to Lose Weight

Posted Oct 02 2011 7:52am

If you’ve been on a thousand diets and still haven’t lost your unwanted weight, or you lost some weight but gained it all back with a vengeance, do you know what went wrong?

You must know what went wrong. That’s one of the first steps to fixing something—anything.

Being too global in your analysis of what went wrong won’t do a bit of good, except if you use your very general explanation as a point of departure. Examples: “I stopped dieting.” “I didn’t feel like it.” “I’m no good at keeping to a diet.”

Being more specific gives you a better target at which to aim your fix. Examples: “I lose motivation quickly.” “I let my feelings throw me.”

Careful analysis of your thoughts, feelings, and behavior will give you that target. When you make your assessment of what went wrong, start at whatever point you can. Then see how specific you can get about why you weren’t successful.

Take the example of “I let my feelings throw me.”

What were these feelings? When did they occur? What about these feelings threw you? How did the feelings throw you? What purpose do these feelings serve? Are they important to you? Do you have them in situations other than when you’re trying to lose weight? What are these feelings like in the other situations? Have you been able to do anything about these feelings when they occur in the other situations?

The answers to these questions will give you targets to aim at. In any fix, you’ve got to know what to target. That’s your first priority. It’s no different for the weight-loss

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