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Weight Loss Psychology for Dealing with Weight Loss Difficulties

Posted Feb 20 2014 9:14am

by Maria's Last Diet

What makes one woman persist in the face of adversity and another woman give up? Which one of these women are you? Do you persist when you fail to meet your expectations regarding losing excess weight? What happens when your weight loss strategies aren’t working for you? Do you give up?

Here are some of the psychological factors that may be causing you to persist or quit? You are optimistic and think positively about the future. Your optimism carries you through a period of adversity. If you are pessimistic, you don’t hold out much hope for the future, so why even try to get through this difficult period. So there is being optimistic and being pessimistic and what affect these psychological outlooks have on dealing with the adversities you will face during the weight loss process.

Another psychological factor is passivity. Are you passive when you come face-to-face with something that seems insurmountable and too difficult to get through? Or when the going gets tough, are you the tough one who gets going?

If you are truly set on losing your unwanted weight, then using psychology to lose weight, especially when it comes to dealing with the adversities of losing a lot of weight, becomes oh so important. Can you think of what psychological factors propel you through adversity and which ones prevent you from making it past the adversity?


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