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Weight Loss Programs That Actually Work

Posted Jan 26 2009 4:36pm

There are a lot of weight loss products and programs these days. They are sprouting like mushrooms after a rainy day. Home shopping channels are flooded with infomercials about them. There are ads about diet pills, exercise machines and no-exercise-weight-loss gadgets. Even food processing machines are using weight loss as a spin to sell their products. Magazines also contain a lot of these weight loss products and programs. You’ll read informative articles, tips and surveys about losing weight. There are also promos like discount coupons and free trial passes. Many highway billboards have also been put up to promote anything and everything about weight loss. You’ll see pictures of models in skimpy outfits to show how good one can look after losing weight. All of these just mean that weight loss products and programs have found a good market and it has become a good business.

But how do we assess these weight loss products and programs and the way they are advertised?

First let us look at the way these products and programs are advertised. Many advertisements claim immediate success. Others offer very good results – sometimes they are too good that they appear like miracles or magic. There are those which even offer to return your money back if they do not work well for you or you are not satisfied with the results. Others use personal testimonials to back certain claims. False and deceptive advertising of weight loss products and programs, or any other product for that matter, will put consumers in danger. Before you believe any of the advertisements, examine them closely. Are they too good to be true? Do they show pictures that look heavily Photoshop-ed? Are their addresses and telephone numbers printed? If they are, do they really exist?

After looking at the advertisement, look at the product or the program itself. If it is a weight loss pill for example, check out the box or the label. Does it have, first and foremost, approval from FDA (Food and Drug Administration)? A product that is effective and safe will surely pass FDA evaluation. If it has no FDA approval, wouldn’t you wonder why? Next, check disclaimers like ‘no therapeutic claims’. Though this statement doesn’t automatically mean that the product is not effective, you should still think first why you would spend on something that has potentially no positive effect on you. Check also the manufacturer. Has it been in the market for long? How is its reputation? Does it have products that really worked in the past? Next, look at the ingredients. Ingredients have to be printed on the box or label. Check each one out in the internet. What are they for? How do they react with the other ingredients? Are they safe to use? Lastly, look at the side effects. Naturally, manufacturers will not put directly the side effects but they are required by law to put the contraindications in the label. You can also check internet accounts and reviews for side effects. Be wary though that competitors will possibly put out claims against a certain product. Do not believe them immediately but take them as your cue to research further.

For weight loss programs and yeast infection cures like those given at fitness gyms and clinics, proper care should also be taken before getting into them. In gyms, you should check out the facilities first. Do they have everything that you would need? Do they have competent staff? Look also at the people working out. Do they seem happy with their programs? Gyms would usually ask you to sign a membership contract before you can use their facilities. Before signing anything, study the contract carefully. If possible, do not sign up at once. Try to read the contract without the staff or the sales person around so you can understand it without the sugarcoats from them. For weight loss clinics that offer programs like laser treatments and surgical procedures, you should also do the same. Check out the facilities. Asked what the machines are for. Check out the credentials of the staff. Look at accreditations and certifications from government agencies if possible. Oh, and don’t forget to look at their prices.

The key in choosing the weight loss product and program for you is to avoid being fooled by advertisements. Do not allow yourself to be sweet-talked by sales representatives that use hypnosis and psychological tricks to influence you. Be very discriminating.

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