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Weight Loss Plan: Listen to Your Smart Self

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

So, why do you want to lose weight?

Well, I want to look better, for one thing.

Oh. What would that do for you?

I'm embarrassed about my weight. I want people to think I look good.

So, if you lost weight, you could be proud of your appearance.

That's right. Now I suppose you'll tell me to go on a diet and also exercise. The same old advice.

You know, I wasn't going to say that at all.

That's good, because I just can't go on another diet. I'm really fed up with diets that don't work. I mean, I've tried so many times. I must have been on 30 diets already in my life.

Wow. You're very persistent. You must really want to lose weight.

I do. But whatever I'm doing it's not getting me there.

What do you think is the biggest obstacle for you when you try to lose weight?

Well, first of all, I've got to get the junk food out of my house. It's too tempting.

That sounds like a good first step. Then what?

Then I need to tell my husband and kids I mean to do this, and I need them to support me. I mean really support me. So if I want to eat better, I need to have enough time to buy the food and prepare it for myself. They all need to help me find the time.

Seems like a good idea. Any other ideas?

I should pick a diet that's doable for me. I can't starve myself, that's crazy.

You really should eat in a way that's comfortable for you, and still helps you lose weight.


You know, it sounds like you have a lot of answers. You know some really important things to do for yourself.

I guess I'm pretty smart about this. And persistent like you said. I think I might be able to do it, if I set my mind to it.

OK, good. And you can keep listening to your smart self.

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