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Weight Loss Motivation Tips: Getting Started.

Posted Dec 05 2009 2:00am
by Maria's Last Diet


No motivation to start dieting? Maybe you're trying to take too big a step to start. Forget the big step and start small. Start really small and do take lots of little steps one at a time, until the little steps add up and become a "big" step. All of the small steps you traverse will mean lots of small successes. These small successes will give you the motivation (aka encouragement) you need. This encouragement is the way to get motivated when you think you don't have what it takes to start a diet.

Here are some ideas for small steps you can use to up your motivation to diet:

  • Think more about anything related to dieting, losing the weight, emotional eating, etc.
  • Write a list of the pros and cons for losing the weight and a list of pros and cons for not losing the weight
  • Set the tiniest weight-loss goals for yourself so that each goal-step will be painless—yes, absolutely painless (This in itself is a goal you should shoot for.)
  • Try out some tiny changes to your current eating behavior, note the results, and use the feedback to make additional tiny changes

There are lots more very little things you can do to ease into dieting without having that big motivation obstacle stop you before you even get started.

So what's the first tiny step you can take?

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