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Weight Loss Motivation is Yours for the Taking

Posted Apr 14 2010 2:00am

Where does your weight-loss motivation come from, and will it be there when you need it?


This is a question we all want the answer to.


Here's one way it works. You have goals for yourself, goals that are not always out there in plain sight on the table. These goals, like being lighter, healthier, more socially worthy, more determined, looking better, learning how, avoiding criticism, increasing your self-esteem, and many others are on your mind and work behind the scenes to fuel your actual weight-loss efforts.


You also have feelings about these goals. Your feelings have already become an important part of the way you represent the goal in your mind. When a weight-loss situation arises in which you need motivation, you will have what it takes if your goal and your feelings support one another.


If you haven’t resolved something for yourself so your goal and your feelings are not there, waiting to work together, then the actions you take will surely fall short of your goal.


Feeling unsure of yourself, and even falling way short of your goal, doesn’t mean the story ends there. Motivation is a funny thing. Feeling unsure and then falling short of the goal can boost your motivation. It can make you try harder the next time. Trying harder, in this case, entails bringing your goals and feelings out of the shadows so you can tinker with them and make them work better together.




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