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Weight Loss Maintenance Is Hard and Other Random Thoughts

Posted Jun 08 2010 9:31am

Random thoughts from FatGirl2FitGirl (that’s me of course):

•    I think weight loss maintenance is a big old joke. I’ve been on a maintenance plan since, I don’t know, January, even though I have more weight to lose. My body seemed to want to take a break…reaaaally long plateau… so I decided to go with it. I’ve gained 12 pounds. Not exactly maintenance. I know I’m to blame. When you eat more, you gain weight. And when you eat bad stuff, like brownies, you gain weight. I’ve been having trouble finding the balance for maintaining.
I’m either going up or I’m going down. This week, I’m back on the going down side because now I have to lose those 12 pounds, plus I’d like to lose the last 15 that I’m hanging on to. At some point, when I hit my goal, and I will hit my goal, what happens then? Is maintenance really about gaining and losing the same 5 pounds over and over again, and finding the place where you can rein it in before it gets to be any more than that?
•    Swimming kicks my butt. When it’s a swim day, I get to the pool bright and early (6:00 am) to get a lane. Lately, I’ve been logging a lot of laps and I’m pushing myself in the interval training, so I can get faster. Unlike other exercises that leave me feeling ramped up, the endorphins wear off quickly after a swim and I’m exhausted the rest of the day. Maybe the water actually saps our energy?
When my daughter was small and in terror mode, I used to let her play in the tub. She liked that and she’d be all nice and calm when she was done. We used to call it washing the crankies away. Maybe there’s something to that?
•    My body is not cooperating with my fitness goals these days. My hip is not getting better even though I haven’t run in 8 days. I’m tired of taking time off from running. It’s never fun getting started again.
•    Oh and another thing. The whole exercise/weight loss thing? I’ve been thinking back to when I started my journey here and how I felt back then. If I swam 20 laps (today’s swim was 70), if I ran a mile, if I even looked at the bike, the weight fell off. Now my body has adjusted and I have to do more and more to get even the smallest results. How is this fair? When we work hard to get in shape and lose weight, we’re rewarded with having to work harder?
•    I finally bought a new scale that works (unfortunately?). It has a Weight Watchers logo on it. I am hoping that little logo will subconsciously make me feel like I’m stepping on the scale at meetings and make me stick to the plan a little better. So far it’s not working, but it’s only been two days. I did start journaling again today, so that’s progress.
•    I have to start bike workouts. Race coming up July 11, right around the corner. The hip thing is making me wonder if this is wise. I may wait until after the doctor. I really hope it’s just a pulled muscle or something. It doesn’t hurt that much… unless of course I run. Being hurt is so frustrating. And I signed up for this tri in February because I really want to do this one.
•    The humidity broke! Hooray. Being outside these past couple of days has been heavenly. I walked with my daughter last night and we’re going again tonight. Can’t wait, even though I secretly wish it could be a run.

Even though most of my random thoughts are a little whiny today, I can tell you, while it’s never easy, I much prefer to be physically active and healthier than how I felt 2 years ago. I might be tired from my swim, but I feel great that I pushed myself this morning.
I may be annoyed that I have to keep doing more and more exercise to maintain the results, but I enjoy pushing my body to see what it can do because it keeps surprising me. Maybe that’s the reward.

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