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Weight loss is such a big indust ...

Posted Sep 28 2008 7:10pm

slimming pillsWeight loss is such a big industry these days is it any wonder that there are more slimming pills and products that are supposed to help you to lose weight the question is do any of them actually work.

Today we are going to have a look to see if there is any scientific evidence to actually back up what is claimed, by these so-called slimming pills. It will be quite interesting to see what the actual results that were found regarding this.

Here are the results of each individual slimming pill and what was said about them.

Coffee slender: This is normal everyday coffee which contains a green coffee extract which is supposed to help with boosting metabolism speed it has an active ingredient which is called Svetol,

Does it work

There was a study done which involved 50 participants who drunk the coffee to see what effect it would have those who took 400 mg a day, lost roughly about 6% of their body weight, while some others on a placebo lost 2.8%. This was quite a marginal study so really more studies need to be done to warrant its effects. This gets a overall rating of one out of five.

Lipobind: This is supposed to bind itself to your fat, the theory behind how this this works is this, vegetables and fruit do contain within them the ability to bind themselves to the fat that in your stomach, and thus stopping them being absorbed into your body.

Does it work

This product contains fibre within it called opuntia ficus indica which is supposed to have fat binding properties, tests were done in test tubes and fat was shown to bind to this particular fibre.

Even though this is supposed to be proven by certain a study which was conducted on 10 people in 1998. There still needs to be more i research to prove any real valid proof. This has a overall rating of more 0.5 out of five.

Tesco’s slimming aid
: This is a herbal remedy that is offered by Tesco which contains some seaweed, dandelion and something called boldo which originally originates, from South Africa.

Does it work

One of the active ingredients of this particular product is something called fucus. In a nutshell how this works is this, fucus contains a lot of iodine, which in turn helps to stimulate your thyroid gland which is one of the mechanisms within your body which helps with the burning of fat.

There was one mediocre study that revolved fucus and some obese people one group of participants took a placebo and the others when the results were compared there was hardly any difference at all between the two groups. This has a rating of more 0.5 out of five.

Boots diet aid: This is a herbal pill that contains the ingredients fucus, and something called boldo. It’s a similar-ish to the Tesco one in quite a few ways.

Does it work

Dandelion is known for its diuretic properties which just makes you go to the toilet quite a lot, and boldo is known for having some laxative properties but that is all you can say about this actual slimming aid. This has a overall rating of 0.5 out of 5. Shape day and night: This is a product that contains extracts of green tea, fennel and barley.

Does it work

The only known ingredient that has weight loss properties as far is this product is concerned is Green Tea, some studies were done on some obese men who drank green tea and some other participants who had a placebo instead.

The group that drank the green tea whose metabolism was measured after a three-month period, did in fact have a high metabolism speed than those who were on the placebo, a recent study in 2006 which contains some of the ingredients that are mentioned above. Did in fact exhibit some weight loss properties but the overall formal was in fact very different.

So it’s very hard to say whether or not in fact it would be possible to lose weight using the ingredients within this particular product. This particular product gained a rating of 0.5 out of five.

Slimthru : n this product has a mixture of oils palm and another one the theory behind it is it is supposed to make you fuller for a longer period of time so so you eat less.

Does it work

Eating a meal which is quite fatty would more or less have the same effect, this is supposed to have less calories than fact, but the problem is there is no evidence to say that it will work. This gained a rating of 0 out of five.

Diettrim: this comprises of merely vitamins and minerals nothing else.

Does it work

If if you’re lacking in vitamins and minerals in your diet than this will lead to cravings perhaps some minor malnutrition, but it won’t help you to lose weight losing weight is all about a reduction in calories and making sure you have a 500 cal deficit per day which are obtained through exercise and eating calorie dense foods. There is no evidence to say that vitamins and minerals alone will help you to lose weight.

Hoodia Gorgonii : This is a extract that comes from a cactus people who live in the desert use it in order to suppress hunger pangs when they go on very long trips through the desert.

Does it work

This contains something called P75 which is supposed to give your brain the full signal so you stop eating so much food or so the theory goes.This gained a rating of three out of five.

Adios: This contains more or less the same ingredients as Tesco’s slimming pills apart from one different ingredient called butternut. And as we know there was no substantial evidence to support the fact that this indeed would help to lose weight also. This gained overall rating of more 0.5 out of five.


My own thoughts on are this the so many people who more overweight that companies are clambering over themselves to find ways to market to this particular group of people there is only one thing that drives this sort of thing, and it’s the old there is a market so that’s it we can tap into and make some money.

Anyone can make bold claims about a particular product but whether it actually works, or not is another matter, over the say last five or six years there has been a explosion in diet books exercise equipment and a whole plethora of gadgets gizmos pills etc that are supposed to help you lose weight.

I’m afraid the reality is you don’t need any pills whatsoever, eat the right foods get plenty of exercise and you will save yourself a fortune if you actually go to the websites of these particular products, you’ll be surprised at how much they actually cost.

It’s been quite interesting reading and writing about this particular subject as I had no idea how many particular slimming pills they were on the market.

So the moral of the story is save your money and spend it on some whole some nutritious food and do plenty of cardiovascular exercise and you will be fine. It would be interesting to get some feedback on this and see if anybody reading this has tried slimming pills and if they did or did not work.

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