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Weight loss is actually very simple! 23 slimming coup

Posted Jun 14 2014 1:58am
1 meal timing

Set an alarm for 20 minutes, again when back to a slow eater. This is the body without the need for ultra-slim, one of the best diet plan annoying habit. Savor every bite of food until the alarm sounds. Slowly make you get great pleasure from food in smaller parts and fully stimulate hormone secretion in vivo. Gobble will block these signals and lead to overeating.

2, watching your skinny clothes

Put a favorite old skirt, shirt or hot shorts hanging in every day Qiaode see place. This will make you always take note of this award. Pick a little bit tight, so you can get this award in a short time. Then pulls out a cocktail party last year wearing a skirt, in order to achieve your next little, enough to get the goal.

3, eat whole grains

Whole grains such as brown rice, barley, oats, buckwheat and whole wheat flour can help you lose weight quietly. They help to consume fewer calories, but also to improve cholesterol levels. Many products contain whole grains, such as waffles, crispy pizza, English muffins, pasta and whole wheat soft white bread.

4, more than a little sleep, a little lighter in weight

Extra hour of sleep per night, you can lose 14 pounds within a year, a researcher at the University of Michigan with a daily intake of 2500 calories a standard calculation came to this conclusion. His analysis shows that when sleep replaces idle silly move - including snacking as freely as usual - will be able to effortlessly 6% reduction in caloric intake. Each person's situation may be different, but sleep is also another way to help lose weight too! There is evidence, too little sleep will be lifted your appetite and make you feel not a general hunger.

5, skip the bacon

When eating breakfast, or lunch sandwiches, remove Na Liangpian bacon. This simple trick can reduce the intake of 100 calories a year, then add the equivalent of 10 pounds of body weight. Other ingredients can substitute bacon sandwich this favorite, and lower heat. Consider the tomato slices, jalapeno, roasted red bell pepper, coarse-grained mustard herb goat cheese or a slice of it!

6, do better pizza

Made with vegetables instead of meat stuffed pizza, make your meal less intake of 100 calories. Other Pizza Diet coup: eat cheese or use low-fat cheese; pick like a thin crispy like bread, and only a small amount of olive oil.

7, the soup came, the fat is gone

Plus a daily soup, you can make your intake of fewer calories. Consider Italian vegetable soup, tortilla corn soup or Chinese wonton soup bar! Before eating soup the best, because it allows you to eat slower speed, and suppress your appetite. From low-sodium canned soup or soup to start, add fresh vegetables or frozen vegetables stewed together. Do not put cream soup, in which case high in fat and calories.

8, drink tips: drink less sugary drinks

Replace sugary drinks with water or zero calorie mineral water, you can reduce the intake of about 10 teaspoons of sugar. In order to enhance the flavor and increase the fun, you can add lemon, mint or frozen strawberries. Liquid sugar soda water seems to go beyond the body's normal hunger and satiety law. One study showed that people who drink soda every day more people than eating jelly absorbs heat 450 card. Calorie eating candy man accidentally absorbed less, but people who drink soda is not the case. The latter four weeks in length by 2.5 pounds!

9, drink tips: choose a high, narrow mouth of the cup

Use a high, thin mouth cup, rather than shorter, wide mouth tumbler, will be able to reduce the intake of liquid calories - and lose weight - also without dieting. In this case you will drink 25% -30% juice, soda, wine or any other beverage. How to do it? Dr. Brian Wansink said that visual cues affect our eating more or eating less. He Cornell University doing experiments found that all of them - even the most experienced bartender - poured into the cup of liquid bantam exposure is more more.

10, drinking tips: drink green tea

Drinking green tea may also be a good way to lose weight. Studies have shown that it may be through the effect of plant chemicals called catechins, temporarily promote human burn calories. At least this way you can drink refreshing beverages without worrying about intake of calories.

11, drinking tips: drink less

Encounter occasion to drink, to drink a cup of low-calorie non-alcoholic beverages, such as soda, but do not drink directly cocktail, beer or wine. Calories per gram (7 cards) of alcohol contained in more than carbohydrates (4 cards) or proteins (4 cards). Alcohol will disintegrate your will, let you eat unconsciously usual limit of fried potatoes, nuts and other foods.
12, yoga mentality

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, women practicing yoga helps to make it lighter in weight than other people. Why? According to reports, a regular practice of yoga helps to form a more "carefully" diet. For example, they tend to find that the weight is enough dishes in a restaurant, but eat to feel full basis. The researchers believe that the formation of such a workout from yoga to calm self-awareness can help people prevent overeating.

13, to seize the "diet pause"

Most people have "eating pause" experience, they will lay down their forks pause a few minutes. Heed this moment, do not eat one. Clean up the dishes, and enjoy talking to happiness! It is a silent signal to tell you that you're full, but not insisted. Most people ignore this point.

14, eat at home

One week at least five days to eat their own cooking meals. "Consumer Reports' survey found that it was" successful weight loss "the biggest habit. Sounds scary? Maybe cooking is simpler than you think. Will soon be able to make easy raw food meal, for example made of chopped lean beef teppanyaki, and wash the lettuce, chopped vegetables, canned peas, fried chicken strips or grilled cooked salmon.

15, chewing gum mint flavor strong

Try to eat snacks when a rich, sugar-free chewing gum it! Cook after work, in the social gathering, watching TV or when the Internet can not help but think the whole point of the snacks, right? The gum will be overshadowed by the heavier taste of other foods, other foods so it will not seem so delicious.

16, the correct amount of food

Slim is the best quality family insisted on five days a week or more are eating the right amount of time for each meal. According to "Consumer Reports' survey," Always slim "people are doing, successful weight loss is to do so. Just stick a few good grasp of the amount, will soon become natural. Eat smaller portions packaged "snack" Do not eat when all the dishes are on the table, will help grasp the correct amount of food.

17, with the smaller size of the plate

Optional 10-inch instead of 12-inch dinner plate, will naturally eat less. Dr. Brian Wansink of Cornell University in repeated experiments found that when used on a large dinner plate dish more people, eat too much more. Choose a smaller size plates or bowls, can reduce the daily intake of 100-200 calories - a year is 10-20 pounds Oh! In Wansink's experiment, no one felt hungry, they are not even aware of this so that 200 calories a day to reduce the cover-up.

18, try eight full law

People used to eat until very full so far, but residents of Okinawa eat to eight full. They even give this natural habit slim has a name: eight full (Hara Hachi Bu). According to the researchers, Dr. Brian Wansink's argument, we can put the extra 20% of food to give to others to create this habit. His research did not result in the majority of people feel strange.

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19, to be careful eating

Restaurant meals are notoriously greasy, you may consider using the following methods erupted, to control the weight of each meal:

Sharing meals with friends;

To make dinner appetizer;

Selection of dishes for children;

Put half of the dishes before serving packaged;

A small part of the dinner, plus salad to achieve balance: half of the plate is vegetables.

20, multi-vegetarian

Often eat vegetarian is slim good habits. Vegetarians generally lighter than meat or fish by weight. Among the many reasons, legumes play a very important role. Hamburg beans, lentil soup with beans and other delicious foods rich in fiber. Most Americans only get this important nutrient in half, it can make you consume less energy.

21, dipped in red sauce

Tomato garlic sauce instead of alfredo sauce to mix pasta. Tomato-based sauces contain fewer calories and fat than cream-based sauces. But remember, the weight of the food is still very important. Pasta should be a cup or so about the size of a tennis ball.

22, more burn 100 calories

Want without dieting, burning through more than 100 calories a day to achieve the grand goal of a year lost 10 pounds right? Try these sports bar:

1 mile walk about 20 minutes;

Weeding or gardening for about 20 minutes;

Repair lawn about 20 minutes;

Cleaning the room for about 30 minutes;

Jogging 10 minutes.

23, to celebrate!

When you get rid of the bad habit of drinking soda, and insisted on not overeating, then you can praise yourself all of a sudden it! You have to develop the people slim habits, lose weight, but without the crazy complicated diet plans. Make a phone call to a friend, be a manicure, buy some new clothes, or occasionally to a small piece of cheese cake, right!
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