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Weight Loss Involves More than Calorie Counting

Posted by sheryl w.

Ensuring that we eat no more calories than we are going to burn off is an important strategy in weight loss. However, by only following this theory and not taking others into consideration, one runs the risk of not achieving their weight loss goals. Many people save their calories so that they can eat rubbish and goodies.

First of all, this may mean that when they do eat proper food, they are so concerned with calories that they aren't getting the nutrients that they need.

Second, eating rubbish, like sugar, may create an addiction that is detrimental to weight loss. Rather than cutting out the sweets all together and breaking the habit, they continually crave and feel hungry all of the time. It would be crazy to advise a cocaine addict to save themselves for their one little line every night, because they would never truly conquer their addiction and they would spend their life craving it, eventually falling prey to their desires. Addictive junk food is no different.

Thirdly, if one is intolerant to junk food, then it must be cut out completely in order to be a healthy weight.

So for weight loss paradise, do more than count calories. Eat the right foods and cut out all of the rubbish!

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