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Weight loss improves your sex life!

Posted Apr 15 2008 2:18pm 1 Comment

Couple on bed
Photo from WICKYE

Do you know that being overweight does affect your sex life? It is studied that overweight people tend to have problems with their sex desire, performance and urge. This are all linked to the physical and mental conditions associated with being overweight. Being overweight means having large amounts of cholesterol in their blood, which affects the sexual desire performance.

So, how does being overweight affect your sexual life? Do you guys know that the excess body fat in ones body narrows the arteries supplying blood to the penis? This will reduce or might even stop its functionality. Hence, impotence is a possibility if your blood vessels are clogged with fat.

I suppose the above are clear enough that being overweight can hamper ones sex life. Fret not though, it is not the end! There are a few things you could do to help in weightloss and re-stimulate your sex life.

Try to change your current diet if you find that you are overweight. Low fat diet that consists of fruits and vegetables can help control your bodys cholesterol level. Try to have 6 small meals a day which can help in digestion and also increase the metabolism rate. If you are having trouble changing your diet, you can always reward yourself to junk food once per week!

Besides the fact that exercise can help in weightloss, it can also help increase the blood flow in your body. As the blood flows to your muscles in the thigh, pelvis and butt, it actually helps to build sexual urge and desire.

Take simple steps to improve your sex life if you are overweight. Start to improve your sex life!

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I didn't know all the physiological reasons for it. I'm assuming the effects are similar for women. From personal experience I know that just working out helps. I feel better about my body and have more energy as well.
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