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Weight Loss Help from a Special Dieting Tool

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

Cueing is one of the best dieting tools for helping you get over or around a dieting roadblock.

Use a word, a gesture to yourself, a strong thought.

You need to develop these cues beforehand. They are reminders to yourself. Used often, they become rituals. These ritualistic cues can mean the difference between sticking to the goal of dieting and not sticking to it.

Here's one way they do it in sports, and it works every bit as well when you're trying to achieve the goals involved in dieting.

Picture a time when you were on a weight loss diet plan and you resisted what was tempting you. Think of how you felt when you resisted the temptation. Remember just how it was to do that. Remember exactly how it made you feel to stay right with your personal goals and to resist the temptation.

Then you can come up with your cue. It could be a quiet "you go girl" or "now you're really getting there" or "excellent!" or "yes!". It could be a vision of yourself (with eyes closed) in those jeans you're dying to get into again. It could be giving yourself a literal pat on the shoulder.

Whatever the cue is, it will represent that moment of dieting triumph. Pick one cue, and practice pairing the cue with the memory of a successful moment. Try to make your cue short and sweet, not too complicated, something you can call upon to do or say at a moment's notice.

So let's say you're up against a difficult moment when you diet. You can then give yourself your rehearsed cue, and use it to recall those feelings of success. That will be your signal to act in that way again.

Even if you have a dieting lapse, you can give yourself the cue. This is a great tool to help you rebound from a "cheat" and get back your concentration and focus.

To be successful at losing weight, you need some handy dieting tools. This is a good one.

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