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Weight Loss Help for Emotional Eating

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

If you use food as a coping crutch, then it is likely you haven't developed alternative coping skills. So, let's say you rely on eating to reduce your tension or stress in many situations that are difficult for you.

Let's say you are in a particular situation, either alone or with other people, and you experience some heightened emotions. You may immediately interpret this increased emotional arousal as a craving for food, instead of attributing it to the stressful situation itself.

Now, if you add to this the presence of food - if it's right there, this reaction is even more likely. This presents a real problem, because it's often hard to catch hold of your feelings before you go ahead and eat. But if you practice doing this, it will begin to break you of the habit of using food to feel better.

So, let that craving for food be your cue. Sometimes you're just plain hungry, of course. But other times it has nothing to do with physical hunger.

You can say to yourself: All I want is to grab that food and dive in. What's going on with me right now? This is a powerhouse of a question.

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