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Weight Loss Goal Setting

Posted by Heather J.

So maybe you’ve set a long-term goal to eat better and lose 20 pounds. Great job! But how are you going to get there? The long-range goal on its own can seem a bit overwhelming, but broken down into smaller, short-term goals, the journey seems more manageable, and you’ll reach your destination sooner than you think. To establish these “stepping stones,” list one to three actions you can take to reach each long-term goal. For example, two short term goals may be to add one more vegetable serving at lunch and dinner, and to replace fattier cuts of meat with lean chicken, turkey, or fish. Challenge yourself to find substitutions for habits you want to break (mineral water instead of soda), and create a working plan to break them. When you reach those short-term goals, say, you you’re your first five pounds, reward yourself with a massage, facial or some other nurturing treat that does not involve chocolate. Clicking through those short-term goals will make you feel more accomplished than waiting to see the finale!

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