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Weight Loss Failure—Is It Bad?

Posted May 21 2013 5:00am

If you were asked if failing at losing weight is bad, you probably would say a resounding “yes”, with no doubt in your mind whatsoever. There you would be wrong. Weight loss failure isn’t bad; it’s necessary.

Failure is an important part of all that we do, including losing your unwanted weight. Without failure there can be no success. Successful weight loss is actually built on your failures. Take, for example, not sticking to your diet for lunch one day and then at dinner the next day. These are failures. What would you say to yourself about them? You might tell yourself to look more closely at what made you go off your diet, and then do something about that. Because of your failure you start a search process for what went wrong. Then you set about correcting it. Failure in this case spurred corrective diagnosis and then corrective action.

Failure is not only good for learning to do something better. Acceptance of failures, big and little, in the weight-loss process also prevents you from having lots of negative reactions to failing. It limits your frustration, negative thinking, feelings of humiliation, fear of failure, disappointment in yourself, and quitting rather than persevering.

As contradictory as it may sound, weight-loss failure makes successful weight loss possible.


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