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Weight Loss During pregnancy

Posted Oct 30 2008 2:25pm 2 Comments

pregnant woman For a pregnant woman, weight loss is inevitable for the health of the mother-to-be and the expected baby. Gaining excess weight during pregnancy puts the expected baby at risk, leading to complications during delievery and places the expectant mother at risk for gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.

weight loss during pregnancy is not very hard even though women naturally don’t feel like engaging in workouts or dieting during pregnancy. However, it is very important for the expectant mother to make compromise for the health of herself and the expected baby’s health. Weight loss during pregnancy aslo helps the mother take shape easily after pregnancy.

It is always advisable to do light low impact exercise like walking. Although there are many diets reportedly healthy for women during pregnancy, they must be undertaken only at the advice of a doctor.

As a pregnant mother, you must avoid some foods at this stage in time due to the possibility of excess weight gain and the possibility of it having its effect on the expected, innocent baby. Below are some foods that have high mercury levels like some types of fish and foods with high caffeine content. These include:

Shark, King Mackerel, Swordfish, Tuna, Albacore and Tilefish.

Junk food.

Alcohol and tobacco.

Excess caffeine.

Liver and all its products.

Spicy and fatty food.

Expectant mothers are advised to eat foods highly nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables. Food with a high content of folic acid like cauliflower, beets and greens and food rich in calcium is imperative at this time to prevent defects in the unborn child. It is high recommended that this type of diet should start 3 months before falling pregnant.

It is important to engage in moderate exercise during pregnancy. It will not only help you avoid gaining excess weight, it will also eradicate the aches and pains that carrying a growing baby for 9 months brings along with it. Pregnancy puts lots of pressure on the back muscles and gain extra weight will only add more to the strain. Exercise and weight loss during pregnancy will also, very importantly, keep the pelvic muscles toned and strong to aid and ease the birthing process.

While weight loss is very important but it is important to engage only on low-impact weight loss work outs so as not to put undue pressure and stress on the expected baby. An expectant mother should not think about engaging in high impact Aerobics and weight lifting as that will not only stress the mother but also put undue pressure on the baby and lead to complication during child birth. Walking out is better than jogging at this period so also is swimming.

Videos for women during prenatal is important as it is specially designed for expectant mothers. The gentle stretches and poses help ease the aches in the lower back area which bears the brunt of the strain during pregnancy.

As an expectant mother, it is important not to overstretch while doing exercises. Weight loss and pregnancy relaxes the muscles in preparation for birth allowing pregnant women to stretch more that usual. Overstretching may harm the muscles and ligaments.

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I can't believe you are advocating LOSING weight during pregnancy.  Sure, eat healthily and get some exercise but purposefully trying to lose weight should be the last thing on your mind.  Pregnancy is a time when you should be ensuring your body is getting the essential nutrients and calories it needs to help your baby grow.  It is certainly not a time to be cutting calories!!  Have some sense, weight loss is NOT "very important", the opposite is true, you should be gaining weight!!!!!!!!!

I agree totally. Its bad enough that they show slim celebrity mums on tv and magazines to influence the expectant mums, who are normal like any other with a weight gain as a natural process of pregnancy. How would anyone know that losing weight while pregnant wont cause the baby to be underdeveloped and under nutritioned. There have been cases of what they call aneroxia for pregnant mums and baby are born with defects and medical conditions. have that food for thought. All we want is a healthy normal baby and as long as we stick to a good balance of diet and light to moderate exercise, we are all a little big for a good reason.

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