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Weight Loss Diet Plan Ingredients: The Recipe for Success

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

Here's a recipe for making a weight loss success story.

For best results, insert each one of the missing weight loss diet plan ingredients listed below...        (answers in tomorrow's blog post)

   1. Make lots of weight loss successes with ______ .
   2. Plan for ________ if you can.                                                         
   3. Keep your weight loss expectations _______ .                     
   4. Always make weight loss plans that are ______ .
   5. Being motivated is not enough. Plan for _______ as well.
   6. Always plan for and have _______ successes.                                                
   7. For the most success, make your weight loss goals ______ .                                 
   8. Practice making and accepting ______ .                      
   9. Achieve lots of weight loss goals for the most _______ .
10. Feel capable of doing each weight loss task and increase your _______ . 
11. Define your goals specifically for the best ______ .
12. See that overeating and being overweight has been _____.
13. Choose a good support partner who is ______.
14. Handle an emotional “risk” directly so you don’t ______.
15. Manage temptations with ______.
16. Don’t rely on your willpower alone. But use your ______ all the time.


cheats     action     small goals     mistakes     within your reach     small     lots of     specific     positive for you     skillpower     fall off     success     feedback     commitment
losing weight too     your long-term goals

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