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Weight Loss Diet Plan Doesn't Work, Bad Habit in the Way

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

Do you have a rigid pattern of behavior that you can't get out of?

Try stepping away from it, and do it gradually.

For example, let's say you're dying to reach a healthy weight. But your habit of dieting all day and stuffing it down at night is in your way. Such a dieting pattern does not add up to a good weight loss solution.

So, let's imagine how you can opt out of this self-defeating habit.

Week 1
Diet as usual during the days. When the times comes at night where you usually go off your weight loss diet plan, go off as usual, with one minor change: limit your falling off to a half hour per night.

Week 2
Diet as usual during the days. When your self-defeating habit comes into play at night, keep to your limit of a nightly half hour falling off, and add another slight change: pick one and only one "weight gain" food to eat off your diet plan during this time.

Week 3
Once again, diet as usual during the day. Keep to the rule of weeks 1 & 2 with one minor change: limit your dieting holiday to only 15 minutes per night.

You see how it goes. These smaller, incremental steps serve as a guiding hand to comfort you through the changes you need to make to in order to be a successful dieter and reach your weight loss goal.

Losing weight and becoming a smaller size is a way of re-inventing yourself. A gradual movement toward this new you will turn a catastrophe into success. The habit that was constantly stopping you from achieving a healthy weight loss, the self-defeating habit you thought you couldn't get away from, the habit you hated, will loosen its grip on you.

This is a good course to follow. Try it!

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