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Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Cheat Sheet

Posted Jul 27 2008 11:08am

Here are all the things that are important.

  • To lose one pound offatyou need to lose 3500 calories.
  • You need toexercisefor 30 minutes a day or more.
  • Walk for 10,000 steps every other day or more as recent research suggests.
  • Eat 25 grams of fiber a day using a mixture of fruit and vegetables.
  • Do resistance training with some weights they don’t have to be that heavy to make a difference.
  • Work out your BMR which is short for basic metabolic rate this will tell you based on whatexerciseyou do how many calories you need per day.
  • Fat= nine calories per 1 gram.
  • When you build muscle it becomes active tissue burningfat, even while you restfatdoes nothing except sit there.
  • Eat a lowfat, low carbohydrate high protein diet this encourages muscle growth.
  • Weigh your self once every two weeks.
  • Experiment with food to stave off boredom.
  • Keep a food diary to see what you actaully eat this is most important.
  • Track your progress with your weight and a tape measure so you have a record.

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