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Weight Loss Confession or Help Me Get Motivated Video

Posted Jul 10 2008 8:02pm

Okay, I need to tell you guys a secret I have been holding dear to my stomach. Ready? Yes? Okay, here goes.For the last few weeks I have been out of control with my eating.I’ve been cheating on my eating. I haven’t been pigging out, but I just haven’t been making the right decisions with my eating. What’s wrong with me? Part of the reason for mycut the BS postthe other day was to motivate myself. It helped, for a little while. Then I went back to my bad eating. My workouts have been great, but my eating ruins it.

I also haven’t weighed myself for a very long time. I’m afraid of what I will see on the scale. I think and feel like I have added a few pounds back, but we will see the official number next Wednesday after my official weigh in. I’ve decided on updating my weight loss, getting back to my reason for starting this weight loss blog in the first place, every Wednesday. I think this will help me stay focused withhavingto post good numbers. Live by example, right? That’s always been my motto and now is no exception.

So, what do I do? I figured I would make the short video below to get back on track with my eating before this spirals out of control and I reverse all of the hard work I’ve done. Want to help me get motivated? I would really appreciate it. Your words, harsh or not, will help encourage me. I read every single email and comment that is sent my way. Every one!

Thanks in advance!

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Weight Loss Confession or Help Me Get Motivated Video

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