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Weight Loss Challenge: Getting the Right Recipe

Posted Jul 31 2009 10:49am

by Maria' s Last Diet

What do you expect will happen when you are dieting, trying to lose the weight? Seriously, now, what do you expect will happen?

You might think that if you believe you will do well, you will. There’s certainly some truth to this proposition. But there is only some truth.


What you expect will happen does influence your weight-loss motivation, but the outcome is always also influenced by the difficulty of the task at hand. It can’t be too, too hard, but hard enough to make for a challenge. Interestingly, challenging tasks can enhance the chance of what you expect will actually happen; that is if you are the kind of person who persists when faced with a challenge.


Another influential factor in making what you expect come true is what you think of yourself and your own abilities. If you think well of yourself and your abilities, and you mix this with a weight-loss challenge and persistence, you are again likely to achieve what you expect of yourself.


But, and you probably knew there was a “but”, the recipe calls for still one more ingredient in order to come out right. This last ingredient is the degree to which you engage in and enjoy the effort of your own thinking.   


There you have it: the ingredients for achieving your weight-loss goal.



  • a positive expectation of the outcome    
  • enough self-confidence in your abilities

  • challenging enough tasks

  • persistence

  • enjoying the effort of using your mind to solve your weight problem


Now it’s up to you to figure out the proportions. Hint—to taste.

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