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Weight loss, but I have cravings?!

Posted by tinyrachie

I love sugar. If I go three days without sugar/candy I not only get cranky and cravings for it, but I get anxious and just can't focus. I explode at random people and just am too irritable to deal with. I've never made it past 4 days without sugar of some sort (at least not to my knowing).

But of course, I've gained weight and I'm quite unhappy with it. Does anyone know of a way I can lose weight without going through the horrible sugar-detoxification process? Excersise tends to not help and just make me more tired (regardless if I do it for 3 months on a regular schedule or not) and I'm geting to my wits end. To top it all off, I'm a student so can't afford a lot of things / time to cook.

 Thanks in advance for your help and comments!


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Hi Rachel,

It sounds like you have a sugar addiction of sorts and its controling you rather than the other way around. May I suggest that you listen to this episode of my , maybe it can help to put some different things in place, good luck!

When I started on my weight  loss journey. I always loved eating walnuts, peanut butter, and sugar free honey mixed together. It was was real sweet and filling for breakfast. I ate tons of those 10 calorie jello and pudding cups. I bought those crystal light sweetners for water bottles and they are delicious and no calories. Fuze drinks are good and sweet. I craved cokes so when I did I would get the diet or zero calorie verison and feel up the cup 75% with it. Then get the sugary/real coke and pour it on top and mix it. Perfect way to start lowering your sugar content is with the soft drinks. I lost 10 pounds by drinking water only in a month.

check out my facebook page for the whole story of my 88 pound loss. 

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Hi Rachel,

You are definitely not alone with that sweet tooth! The trick is to eat more fresh fruit and berry smoothies are great. All you need is a blender, if anything. Fruit has a large amount of sugar which will curb that sugar craving. The difference is that sugar is in a natural form of which your body can properly digest which will help your body control sugar spikes in your body. So the sugar in fruit is definitely the way to switch to a healthy alternative to your current sugar intake! 100% whole wheat products are handled by your body in a similar way and will also help curb your sweet tooth and fill you up more than white/processed wheat. These are ways to give your body the sugar it is seeking while still being healthy. The reason you are tired could be due to the lack of lasting sugar in your bloodstream when you totally avoid sugar. Sugar which is a carbohydrate is used in your body for energy.

Snack on different types of fruit. There are countless smoothie recipes out there that are AWESOME!

Let me know how that goes!


Hi Rachel,

I feel your pain, I have that sweet tooth as well. Right now Ive changed my eating habits and what I snack on. Because I too, have gained weight.  I dont work because I have MS, moving too much is a huge issue, thus, the weight gain.

I usually eat a bowl of ceral for brkfast, something w low cal count, but still a hint of sweetness. I love Honey Nut Cheerios, w fat free milk. (no, it isnt bad at all) I typically use sweet&low for my coffee, so If you eat fruit, use the s&l...still enough to satisfy the cravings. You can buy the 100 cal snacks, they have tons of sweet stuff, portions are just smaller.

Its alot easier said than done Im sure, but you can ease your way into it slowly and let your body get used to it. Before you know it, you've converted!! Now throw in 15-20 mins of excersise daily and you will be on your way to achieve your goal. I know you're a student, and dont have alot of money, but this is pretty simple and cheap. Trust me!

Keepme updated, I would love to see what you decide. OH! Dont forget the water!! Crystal light packs, zero cal, tastes sweet!

Good luck!


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