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Weight-Loss Burnout Symptoms and Treatment

Posted May 12 2012 5:00am

Burnout can occur when you are working too hard or working in some self-defeating way at losing unwanted weight.

You may not call it burnout, but when you begin to doubt if what you’re doing is worthwhile, or you feel drained like you have nothing more to give, or you think you are incapable of doing what you have to do to keep on with the weight-loss process—it could be burnout. When you don’t have the dedication, vigor, and interest, or any of those positive feelings you once had, it could be burnout.

Here are three antidotes for weight-loss burnout?

Check and see what resources you need to replenish or supply for yourself. Perhaps the monotony of the weight-loss process has gotten to you and you need to spark up your approach, introduce some novelty, and bring a breath of fresh air to your weight-loss effort.

You should also check to see if you have all the control you need over the weight-loss steps and the weight-loss activities that make up your weight-loss regimen. If you are unable to make all the decisions you need to make because of scheduling or interference or because of poor planning on your part, by all means do something about this.

If you are unclear about what you expect of yourself when it comes to reducing your weight, this could be one of the causes of weight-loss burnout. The fix, of course, is to be as clear as you can about what you expect and what you don’t expect. Do you expect too much of yourself, for example? Do you expect to lose lots of weight each week, and you’re not hitting that mark? If so, it might be best to reign in those expectations and aim for more realistic weight loss.

The process of weight loss is as hard as it is because losing unwanted weight is filled with lots of potential causes for burnout. If you find that you can’t sidestep some of these causes, remember there are antidotes, and you can be quick acting in applying them.


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