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Weight Loss Blogger Quotes of the Week

Posted Jan 08 2011 8:49am

Here are some great quotes from other weight loss bloggers from the last week – be sure to click through and check them out.

I turned to food. I never saw it in the same light as my drinking, it was somehow more acceptable. But it became my new addiction, my crutch, my obsession. I thought about food all the time, I binged on amounts of food that would shock you, I ate until I was so full I wanted to vomit, I ate when I wasn’t hungry, I ate so fast and didn’t feel like I could stop myself. I ate in secret.

Kat @ Adventure's in Dietland

Understanding addiction and how addicts often substitute one addiction for another its quite possible that my food addiction increased when I stopped smoking so now that I'm getting my food addiction under control do I need to replace that with something else? Can I replace a bad addiction with a good addiction?

Diana @ ScaleJunkie

So when you don’t want to exercise, just talk yourself into getting out and doing the tiniest bare minimum and you will probably end up doing better than you thought and be proud of yourself for doing it.

Jason @ My angle on weight loss

Coming to the realization that the only person standing in the way of what you want out of life stares back at you in the mirror everyday. The second that you can stop making excuses for why you can’t lose weight. The only person stopping you from getting what you want out of life is you.

James @ Prior Fat Guy

I had a huge breakthrough this morning. I figured out one of the reasons why I eat the way I do. It is an eye opener.

Brad @ Brad Gansberg's Thoughts On:

Eating intuitively means eating when you’re truly hungry and not based on emotions. This has not been happening. I’ve been eating purely out of emotion more often than not. While I wouldn’t say my panic around food has been at an all time high, it’s been pretty high up there. I’m still packing more food than I probably need and instead of making it last throughout the day I’m eating it all within a few hours.

Tara @ 263 and Counting

After a long conversation with myself during one of my workouts last week, I’ve come to the conclusion (for the last time so help me God!) that eating like a total asshole to fill some emotional void is getting me nowhere fast.

Rachel @ Body by Pizza

Regardless, everything was changing so fast and I was scared, lost, and while everything was going right for me the only thing really mattered, my health, was going to sink and destroy it all. None of the exciting changes, additions, and accomplishments in my life would mean anything if I were to just eat myself to death by the age of 30.

Tyler @ 344 Pounds

You've probably set some New Year's Resolutions – what are you doing to stick to them? Let 2011 be a great year!

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Weight Loss Blogger Quotes of the Week

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