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Weight Loss And Exercise - The Elusive 200 lb. Mark Is In Site!

Posted Nov 02 2008 2:13pm

I have been writing in the blog for about 5 months now and a working on my weight loss and exercise regimen for almost 10 months.  I have lost 74 lbs. as of this week and the first of my two main goals is in site.  Assuming you have been following along with me on this trek, you know that my main weight loss target is 185 lbs., but a less obvious and not so loudly spoken goal I have is to break what I thought was going to be the never reachable 100’s again. 

To see 199 lbs. on my scale will be a great achievement for myself and a day to rejoice for sure.  This has been a great learning exercise for me as I have undertaken the task at hand to beat my type II diabetes into submission, get my cholesterol under control without medication if at all possible and one I hadn’t considered, get my blood pressure under control and stay off that medication too.

If you are sitting at a point in your own life and situation where you are suffering from obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or type II diabetes, I want you to hear this loudly…there is hope for you!  I have been on medications for better than 10 years now and if you would have told me that I could have gotten away from them by doing what I am doing right now, I would have laughed at you.  I’m here to tell you that there is hope for you.

As I have been saying in the blog as I’ve gone along, it’s not “just another diet or exercise plan” that I’m on.  I’ve not had the doctor nor a nutritionist involved in this “one pound weight loss” program that I’ve been following.  What I have done and feel that everyone has to do if your going to be successful long term, is to make the “life style” changes necessary to make being healthy a priority in your life.  I have said all along that it doesn’t really matter what diet and exercise plan you follow, but you must commit to what I wrote in my last post and that is the “just do it” routine.

You can choose to do what I did for years and just sit around and think about it, you can “just do it”.  For me low carb and one hours exercise a day has been the ticket, but for you that may not be what you need.  You need to find a diet that you can stick to long term so that you can change “how you eat” on a permanent basis.  We all know what foods and how much is good for us, but we often just continue to make the bad choices and simply do not get off the couch to do anything about it.  I firmly believe that the exercise has been even more important in my journey than the diet itself. 

I have recently been adding more fiber and carbs to my diet as I am running out fat to burn efficiently and a strict “no carb” diet would not be a good idea for my current needs.  The main thing that I’m doing though is adding carbs through fruit, juices, and more nuts.  This keeps my body energized during exercise and yet keeps me on the weight loss path.  My weight loss has slowed from the 2 1/2 lbs. per week I was averaging to about 1 pound a week.  This was my original goal and I want to be sure that I give myself the best chance that I can to make this permanent weight loss. 

It is important, especially going into winter, that I not put my self in failure mode by expecting too much too fast.  I want to make sure that I am on a pace that will be maintainable in the months where I may not be able to get outside as often as I would like to exercise and become often relegated to the treadmill when the snow is to deep to be outside safely on a walk or run.  I have 16 lbs. to go to my main goal of 185 lbs. and if it takes me another 3 months to get there so be it.

Do yourself a favor and get off you big fat butt and start doing something.  That may sound harsh, but I can tell you that if you don’t, you are going to continue to just be “fat and lazy” and on your way to an early grave as I was.  I’m sure I haven’t solved all my health problems, and I am resigned to the fact that my own heredity may dictate that I stay on a small dose of statins over the long haul, but I will get as close as I can without it.  My blood pressure is lower than I ever remember it being and that is good for your arteries as it cuts down on the wear n’ tear that high blood pressure causes.

So…get off your butt and get moving today.  Don’t wait until it’s too late and they end up ordering a piano case for your coffin.  You don’t have to be obese.  Find what works for you in a diet and start taking the steps now to become less, less obese, less reliant on medications, and overall, LESS OF YOU!  You can do it too, but not if you sit here reading my blog.  Get outside and “just do it.  Before you know it you will be able to say, I was unhealthy and fat just “one pound ago”

Update:  As of today I am 201 lbs. with a 35″ waist.  I have maintained my exercise regimen as it was with a 3 - 4 mile walk or run every day, with 10 minutes on the weight machine every other day.  My daily diet intake is budgeted around 1500 calories per day plus 350 to 450 calories earned in exercise for a total of around 1900 per day.  Current daily carb intake is around 180 (began with about 90) with most carbs from fruit, nuts, and vegetables.

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