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Weight Loss And Diet Tips From Kim Kardashian

Posted Feb 17 2010 6:56pm

Do you really need weight loss tips from Kim Kardashian or siblings? Probably not, but people seemed to be enamored with people like her that are in the media and talk about what " diet " they're going on, or what diet pills they're using.  Recently, she was in New York and this is what was happening --

After a whirlwind trip to NYC to promote her eponymous perfume and fashion line with Bebe, the reality star, 29, Twittered Wednesday, "OK, now that I'm home, I got up early and worked out! Feels good! Also starting a low carb diet!"

She admits it won't be easy.  "I am NOT good at dieting! But I need to start eating better because its just healthy. I have such a sweet tooth, its gonna be hard," Kim wrote -- adding that she's going to "cheat once a week." (This Friday she'll eat "cupcakes!" she posted.)

What about her QuickTrim endorsement?  "I am doing both now!" Kim said. "I just want 2 eat healthy!"  Her big sis Kourtney -- who gained 40 pounds while pregnant with baby Mason -- can't wait to hit the gym with Kim. ( )

Comments: While we may not need to listen to what Kim is eating or what diet she is "going on", I do appreciate the fact that she's not a waif. I actually have to say that her figure I admire more than most. She's not small, yet she doesn't look overweight, and by all measures appears to be healthy (I italicized that because you're only as healthy as the foods you eat and lifestyle you lead). Too many Hollywood celebs that are on TV look emaciated in person... all for the sake of keeping their jobs. If TV adds 10 pounds, it might be more like 20 that many appear they need to put on. And I mean healthy weight, like lean muscle. 

As for the diet pills, leave those alone. The best weight loss comes from eating healthier, and in particular more fruits and vegetables and fiber sources. Oatmeal comes to mind, maybe with some added milled flaxseed and wheat germ.  The other product that is gaining more attention that I fully endorse (after using it and having a group of readers use it for several months to see and feel the results first hand)... is PGX.  This product is nothing short of amazing, and healthy. It is 3 different types of fiber and it will make you feel full, and feel full for a longer period of time... all without causing a rise and fall in your blood sugar. I don't want to overstate what it is or what it can do. Try it for yourself. Check out for more info.

Remember, you are what you eat. You won't have to worry about your weight if you're consuming nothing but healthy foods and beverages. Of course, you can't sit around all day. You do need some exercise on a regular basis!

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