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Weight Lifting for Weight Loss, Fitness and Health

Posted Oct 22 2008 7:06pm

Editor’s note: This is a guest article from Zane. He runs a website called Best Diet Pills that provides consumers with no b.s. reviews of diets and diet pills.

Weight Lifting for Weight Loss, Fitness and Health

In addition to cardiovascular exercise activities, research reveals that weight lifting will also provide individuals with added weight loss and health benefits. According to research, weight lifting exercises not only boost the body’s muscle tone and strength, but they are also shown to increase the body’s metabolism, fat burning abilities, and energy levels.

Benefits of Weight Lifting

One of the key benefits of weight lifting comes from the fact that weight lifting increases the body’s metabolism. The metabolism is essentially the body’s ability to burn calories; therefore, the faster your metabolism is, the faster you can burn food and ultimately avoid weight gain. Essentially, your metabolism is boosted when lifting weights since the increased muscle fibers burn off calories more efficiently and effectively. Therefore, by lifting weights regularly, individuals are able to teach their bodies and metabolisms to process food more efficiently.

Lean Muscle Tissue
Weight lifting provides benefits for both men and women, although the body’s ability to increase muscle mass varies between the two sexes. Essentially, women’s weight lifting activities will increase the body’s appearance of tone, while also boosting the body’s strength and abilities. On the other hand, men’s weight lifting activities will actually increase the size of various muscle groups; therefore, both men and women benefit, yet only men are able to significantly bulk up from weight lifting activities. Also, lean muscle tissue is where the bulk of calories are burned when being processed, so individuals who begin a weight lifting regimen early on in life often lose about ½ to ¾ of a pound more than non-weight lifters each year.

Improved Aging Abilities
As humans age, the body naturally slows down, as the metabolic rate also slows its processes. As a result, it is common and normal for humans to gain relatively small amounts of weight each year as they gain. By lifting weights, however, dieters are able to prevent this weight gain, as the muscle tissues and fibers promote weight loss at every age throughout one’s lifetime.

Why Dieting Alone May Not Work

  • By dieting alone, without exercise, the body begins to burn muscle stores; therefore, while individuals may experience weight loss, nearly 25% of the amount lost may come from muscle tissue and fibers.
  • Exercise and weight lifting boost metabolic levels; therefore, dieting alone can actually hinder the body’s ability to efficiently and effectively burn fat and calories from one’s diet.
  • Even cardiovascular activities have been shown to not completely boost one’s metabolic rate. Traditionally, cardio exercises include activities such as running, jogging, walking, etc. These activities are effective calorie-burning exercises, but only increased muscle can effectively boost one’s metabolic rate.

How to Begin Weight Lifting

Individuals interested in weight lifting can take advantage of various fitness opportunities, such as:

  • Attending weight lifting / muscle building group fitness courses.
  • Joining a gym with various weight equipment machines to help provide support and guidance.
  • Hiring a personal trainer who can guide an individual through specific and effective exercises.

Add weight lifting to your workouts today, if you haven’t already!

This is an article from's Healthy Weight Loss and Fitness Blog.

Weight Lifting for Weight Loss, Fitness and Health

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