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Weight Control When You've Reached Your Ideal Weight

Posted Dec 17 2009 2:00am
by Maria's Last Diet

Right after you have reached your ideal weight comes a period of time that presents its own challenges, because the most active and directed phase of losing the weight is over. Here are some ideas: First, instead of always thinking about how to stay away from the kinds of bad eating habits you once used in your life, try to concentrate on positive things you have learned to do for yourself. At the same time, don't be too rigid about what you can and can't do. Your newfound freedom and comfort will not vanish on the spot just because you have a lapse.

Another good idea is to hold on to the feeling of being capable. Remember, it is you who brought about this change. Your confidence will continue to grow as you become more and more able to lead a good life without using food or dieting to lean on in times of trouble. Of course, you will not always be able to do this. If you feel quite able to leave your old habits behind sometimes, but less able at other times, be reassured that this is a natural process of behavioral change.

Here is something else that will be infinitely helpful to you. Ask those around you for support when you need it—your life partner, your parents, your children, your friends, your co-workers. You need helping relationships, as we all do. You will find that most people are flattered if you ask for their help and let them know how much they are needed in your life.

Remember, as always, it is the food and the feelings, with the feelings leading the way. So, maintaining weight-loss success really has to do with how you handle feelings that come up as you navigate the challenges and changes in your life: relationships, keeping up self-esteem, achieving personal growth, pursuing your life goals.

Maintaining your new lower weight does not mean being constantly watchful and totally in control. That is not a good way to live a free kind of life. Rather, it is a matter of staying in touch with your whole self and never cutting yourself off from your thoughts, fears, hopes, aspirations, or from your feelings, good and bad. It means not depriving yourself of the things you need: good food as nourishment and enjoyment, good self-care, good feelings about yourself and what you are doing.

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