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Weight: 179 - Pounds to lose: 19 179, good enough for me!

Posted Jul 02 2008 6:04am 2 Comments

Weight - 179

Those are my feet, as funky as ever. Those are my toes, still gnarly from the half-marathon two months ago. And there is the issue of Women's Health my book was reviewed in this month, proving the photo is recent.

It's July 2, 2008 and I weigh 179 pounds. That's exactly what I weighed on July 2, 2007. And that's good enough for me!

When I started this journey back in...the stone ages? The bronze age? Okay, maybe it was just 2005. I set 160 as my goal weight because I wanted a number to aim for, 160 fell in the "normal" BMI range and it ended in a 0. Since June of 2007, I've been hovering below or above 180. Sometimes I've been really psyched to get to 160, charting out how many months it will take if I lose a pound every week. Sometimes I've looked at 175 on the scale in the morning and thought, "I'll have a chocolate éclair for breakfast!"

So, let's scratch out that "160" next to my goal weight because I. AM. DONE. 180 is my happy weight. I can run 3 miles without stopping. I can buy normal clothes. My health is pretty damn good, most things considered. My weight is not the first thing people notice about me...unless I'm walking into a book signing. Life is good and I haven't given a shit about getting to 160 for months. I predicted this state of mind back inApril of 2006:

"I might just get to 180 or something and say 'Well, this is good enough.' Kind of like old time settlers who were headed for California but decided to just quit in Nevada. I might easily be distracted by the shiny lights of Las Vegas."

Vegas looks pretty good to me. The lights are indeed shiny. I think I'll stay here for awhile. 160 is not a goal of mine anymore. My new goal is to maintain a weight of 180 or below for the rest of my life. If I happen to lose those 20 pounds, I won't complain, but I don't really care if it happens or not.

This means I'm done with the monthly weigh-ins too. They've been a helpful tool to keep me on track. They helped me lose a lot of weight. But lately they've been driving me to the crazy farm. I'm ready to keep my weight private again. I'll still track it for myself, but I don't want to have to justify every gain or loss to the masses. I post enough pictures of myself on this blog that you'll notice if I start to pork out. If there's suddenly a 6-month gap without any self-portraits, you'll know something's up. I promise to stay accountable in my own ways, just not in exact poundage statistics. If I beat any of my personal records, you'll be sure to hear about it.

I'm still going to blog. You couldn't get me to stop if you stole my computer. I'd wait in line at the library. I'd use my mom's dial-up. I'd steal some kid's iPhone. I'm a blogging addict and you can't make me quit! If you've been reading for awhile, this announcement should be as shocking as a puddle of water. I first saw the number 180 on the scale on June 1, 2007, so I've been maintaining my weight loss for over a year now. It's about time I made maintenance official. Maintenance and I have been dating for so long, it's about time we got engaged already and set a date!

Today's the day. July 2, 2008. Not quite Independence Day, but close enough.

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Good for you for maintaining a weight at which you feel great and are healthy. And if you've managed to remain in your desired range for a year, you're clearly doing something right. You're an inspiration!

Weight loss is a really personal thing. I don't think a chart can tell you what you should weigh. You're definitely doing the right thing. If you are at a weight that you feel healthy and comfortable with yourself then there is no sense in beating yourself up to try and reach some arbitraty number.

Congrats on your accomplishment!!!!

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