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weigh in

Posted May 28 2010 1:44pm
breakfastStarbucks Via ready brew with cream and sugar -2
Eggo fiber waffles 2 -2
1 tbsp almond butter -2
1 tbsp jam -1

snackgranola bar -2
apple -1

lunch at workit was a long time coming I ended up eating lunch at 430 boo
a container of yellow soup -4
blue diamond almond nut thins in cheddar flavor 16 crackers -3
dark chocolate covered grahams -8 -on the drive back from my sucky weigh in

dinnersteamed broccoli -0
garlic flavored rice 1 cup -5
Eating right chicken fingers 4 baked -6
plum sauce -3

total points allowed: 40
total points used: 39

Impromptu Food ReviewThese are so great, I found them in my city in a drug store, and have yet to see them in my grocery store. You get 16 crackers for 3 points or you could potentially eat the whole box for 12 points -don't do that though! The best thing about them is that they are so crunchy and come in chip like flavors plus you get the nut oils/protein/low carb which are all good for you. My favorites are Ranch, Cheddar and Smokehouse. When I searched to find the website to get a picture I also found that you can order these on and that they have a lot of low/gluten free products on there. Who knew!
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